Welcome to the BLC


 The Brixton Learning Collaborative (BLC)  is a group of 14 schools and Children’s Centres in Brixton, south London, working together to support pupils, staff, families and the local community through partnership working.

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In the Brixton Learning Collaborative, we help each other to be outstanding

We do this through:

  • Maintaining our creative approach
  • Promoting pupil voice
  • Demonstrating transformational impact
  • All schools becoming beacons of excellence
  • Demonstrating a sense of collective responsibility
  • Supporting schools to ensure Teaching and Learning remains consistently outstanding over time
  • Engaging families with support from schools within the Collaborative
  • Sharing our resources in a reciprocal way

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Madame Kalamazoo’s Magical Mail – holiday stories from National Theatre digital

Madame Kalamazoo’s Magical Mail

Brought to you via email from the National Theatre

Would you like a visit from Madame Kalamazoo this summer?

Madame Kalamazoo is a mysterious storyteller who arrived from the Blue Moon at the start of lockdown. She writes funny daily stories for children and will send them to you for FREE via the National Theatre by email. The magical thing about her stories is that they have your children in them as the main characters!

These imaginative stories have been written to help young people get through the unusual times we are living in and to invite them into a community of children all receiving their own special Kalamazoo adventures each day.

If your children choose to, they can go a step further than simply reading and can contribute artwork and ideas to help move the stories along. Their artwork can be sent via a magical route to other children also receiving Madame Kalamazoo’s Magical Mail.

Families receiving Madame Kalamazoo’s Magical Mail already have been loving their daily stories and have had this to say:

“Madame Kalamazoo has been such a welcome distraction and breath of fresh air. Every day my son wakes up asking if Madame Kalamazoo has sent a letter and he’s really thrilled when it arrives. Thank you, Madame Kalamazoo.”

If you would like your children to be part of the growing community of children receiving their own special, daily stories from Madame Kalamazoo this summer, then please pre-register with the National Theatre here.

The latest newsletter from our fantastic arts partner Pegasus Opera Company

As a group of schools we have benefited so much from a strong partnership with Pegasus Opera Company, based in Brixton and dedicated to supporting, developing and celebrating BAME opera performers. Pegasus has worked with our schools on celebrating Black British music, Black Georgians and for the last 2 years has been our artist practitioner partner on our Paul Hamlyn Foundation funded Confident Creator programme. Their work goes from strength to strength, as demonstrated in their newsletter, linked here.https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/?tab=wm&ogbl#inbox/FMfcgxwJWjCrLTKZwZTbXNbxsBKcFXvh

Black Prince Trust offering virtual sports classes

Our colleagues at The Black Prince Trust Hub off Kennington Road have been doing amazing work during the current Covid 19 pandemic. They have given over their hall spaces to be a food distribution hub, working with Brixton People’s Kitchen which is based there, to deliver essential food parcels to many families in the area. They have lots of virtual sports classes available to join for all ages including family fitness, karate, boxing, youth yoga and many more!
For details check their website: