Welcome to the BLC


 The Brixton Learning Collaborative (BLC)  is a group of 13 schools and Children’s Centres in Brixton, south London, working together to support pupils, staff, families and the local community  through partnership working.

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In the Brixton Learning Collaborative, we help each other to be outstanding

We do this through:

  • Maintaining our creative approach
  • Promoting pupil voice
  • Demonstrating transformational impact
  • All schools becoming beacons of excellence
  • Demonstrating a sense of collective responsibility
  • Supporting schools to ensure Teaching and Learning remains consistently outstanding over time
  • Engaging families with support from schools within the Collaborative
  • Sharing our resources in a reciprocal way

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Spelling Bee a great success

Congratulations to all the fantastic speller who showed off their talents at the Spelling Bee yesterday evening, hosted by St Gabriel’s College. Teams from St John’s Angell Town, Loughborough, St John Divine and Jessop primaries competed in spelling rounds – mastering some tough words which showed just how complicated the English language is!
St Gabriel’s year 7 competitors started the evening and we also heard some original poetry from a year 8 student.
All the children showed great skills, but the over all team winners were Loughborough Primary School.
Thanks to everyone who took part and especially to St Gabriel’s staff for organising the event.
Looking forward to next year!

BLC Headteachers planning day

The Headteachers from our cluster took a day to plan for 2017-18 yesterday. Schools had put forward priorities from their School Development Plans that they would like to work on with other schools. The Heads analysed these priorities and drew up action plans to drive in 2 areas: on Marking and on Identifying and Supporting our Able Children. Thanks to Sonia Gill from Heads Up for facilitating a very productive day.

BLC year 6 and year 7 teacher exchange on English teaching

Teachers from our year 6 primaries met with secondary teachers from St Gabriel’s College last week to discuss transition in English, to moderate books and learn more about each other’s work.

One observation made was how there is strong emphasis on writing skills in KS2 whilst there is strong emphasis on reading in KS3 and 4 with a 75% weighting on GCSE reading skills. Transition needs to be smoother from year 6 to year 7 to gradually introduce difficult reading skills and not lose the quality of the writing established in KS2.

For example, why did you choose to use that simile in your own creative writing? What view is the writer of ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ expressing about WW2?

In BLC we are committed to working across phases to support pupils transition through school.

Photography for literacy learning at Christ Church SW9

This morning 11 parents from the Reception class at Christ Church joined the children for their final workshop session with Fotosynthesis who have been developing the children’s literacy skills through photography. The parents worked with groups of children, taking photos and developing stories. The Fotosynthesis team encouraged the parents to think about using photographs to make up stories in a similar way at home – on a walk in the park, to the shops or indoors. Parents remarked on how creative the children were at making up their own stories – something to really build on at home.