pinhole camera making in the BLC

Last week children from 4 year 4 classes in BLC got out their rulers, pens, card and tape to transform a cardboard box into a pinhole camera, capable of taking photos. The whole process requires very careful and accurate measuring skills, which the children admirably showed. 120 pinhole cameras were made over 2 days, ready this week for taking pictures. Thankfully the sun is shining which will greatly help as the children time carefully and wait for enough light to go into the camera, onto the photographic paper at the back of their carefully sealed camera boxes. Great to see this project underway with workshop leaders from Fotosynthesis and their team of volunteers.


Maths and Photography project gets underway with teachers’ INSET session

On Thursday 16th January our partnership project with Windmill cluster schools got underway at Loughborough Primary School, with an INSET session for year 4 teachers, in Loughborough’s brand new community room. This project, delivered by photography workshop leaders and volunteers from Fotosynthesis and community arts organisation Creative Sparkworks, will support children in maths concepts of shape and measurement using hands on learning and visual cues. On Thursday, teachers had a go at making 3-D shapes which the children will make and then put together to build a large structure, experimenting with planes and angles. They also went on a ‘treasure hunt’ to find some shapes and dimensions of objects around the school. These and other activities will be part of the children’s workshops starting next month. More to follow! We are grateful to the Ernest Cook Trust for funding this project.